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Welcome to Subas Skill Academy

Subas Skill Academy is a social entrepreneurial venture started by Mr. Suresh Babu in the domain of skill development and training programs. Our key objective is to make skill development opportunities accessible to a cross-section of society across India and achieve excellence across sectors to maximize impact and efficiency. We have leveraged our strong network with the industry across sectors to forge annuity business partnerships. Our aim is to work with organizations who share and support our endeavor of improving people’s lives through skill development and sustainable employment solutions.

"Any soldier’s weapons will go useless – if he lacks courage.
Anyone’s skills will go useless – if he lacks Spoken English!"
We have practically perceived it, and that’s why we have started an EFFECTIVE Spoken English course in our premises for the benefit of all Tamils.

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Mission & Vision

Our Mission is to provide society with opportunities to build a better future.

Our Vision is to be the recognized leader in career and employees development, in support of strong society.